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CiscoWorks Installation

To install CiscoWorks do you need the CiscoWorks CD in the server or can you download the CD files onto a server and launch the installation from those files?

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Re: CiscoWorks Installation


The ciscoworks installation can be done in either of the 2 ways.

1. Directly running from the CD

2. If you have the dump of the CD in your server you can run it from there.

Make sure that the CD files are not in a remote server and it is a mapped drive. It should be reside in the local hard disk of the server in which u want to install.

If u mapped a drive from remote server copy all the contents from that to local server and start installation.

This will help u to isntall ciscoworks without any errors and malfunctioning.

All the best.

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Re: CiscoWorks Installation

Thanks for the post.

I have tried this. The contents of the CD have been copied to a local drive of the machine I want CiscoWorks installed on. I launch the installation and 10 seconds into it the error message below appears and the installation aborts.

Error: Cannot create install dependancy file

Have you seen this?


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Re: CiscoWorks Installation

Please provide the following

1.LMS 2.2 or LMS 2.5

2. Operating system and verion of browser you are using

3. After which module ( CS 3.0,RME or DFM) this error appears??

4. After which step in that module it appears???


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Re: CiscoWorks Installation

The installation is LMS 2.5 on a windows 2000 server SP4 operating system.

The install starts with CiscoWorks Call Services. The system asks for required install information such as directory to use, standard or custom install etc and then once these questions are answered it goes off to check on the system information. About 10 seconds later the error message appears and the install aborts.

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Re: CiscoWorks Installation

Hi James

Sorry to ask, but you are logged in as an Administrator of the system aren't you ?

Do you see any other clues in the install log ? These are normally located in the root partition for the system and have a name of the form 'ciscoworks_setup00x.log'

If there's anything interesting in the install log, please attached this or paste it into the discussion



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Re: CiscoWorks Installation

Thankyou all who contributed. I have been able to resolve this issue. When I looked at the log file I noticed that the .ini file was truncated;

"E:\dependency\jre2\bin\javaw.exe" -cp "E:\dependency\DH\DH.jar"

DependencyHandler C:\DOCUME~1\A256000\Local

Settings\Temp\1\_ISTMP1.DIR\_ISTMP0.DIR\setup "" C:\DOCUME~1\A256000\Local


Once the Temp environment variable was changed to C:\temp the install progressed normally.

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Re: CiscoWorks Installation

Hi Everyone

I have the same problem with Cisco Works SNMS 1.5

I've also changed the temp environment variable as well - but i still get this errormessage:

Cannot create the install dependency file.

Her's the log-extract:

INFO: default component choice is 1

Executing command:

"D:\dependency\jre\bin\jrew_dep.exe" -cp "D:\dependency" -nojit DependencyHandler "C:\PROGRA~1\CSCOpx\setup" c:\Temp\_ISTMP1.DIR\_ISTMP0.DIR\setup c:\Temp\_ISTMP1.DIR\_ISTMP0.DIR\


Cannot create the install dependency file.

Does anyone have an idea ?

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