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CiscoWorks LMS 4 periodical running-config backup of all devices

Hi Experts,

does anybody know how to configure CiscowWorks LMS4 to backup running-config's  from all discovered cisco devices? I have credential setup properly and CiscoWorks see all this devices properly.

I really don't know how to configure it.

For instance I want backup all devices every day so that I would restore old configuration if somebody will make mistake or when I will want to comapre what changes are made month ago. I would like to see configuration history for 1 month ago.

I tried to configure job in Admin>Collection Settings>Config>Config Collection Settings. It start job but I do not see any config file saved in shadow directory or in Archive location directory (D:\CSCOpx\files\rme\dcma) and shadow dir is D:\CSCOpx\files\rme\dcma\shadow\Switches_and_Hubs\PRIMARY

So i would like to see in some directory 30 files for every device (in case ciscoworks will make backup correctly every day)

Is it possible to do it with CiscoWorks?

Thank you for any help,


New Member

Re: CiscoWorks LMS 4 periodical running-config backup of all dev

hmm - well your are on the right track - The Shadows dir, will do just what you want !

but as the files are not there, you need to look into other issues, as why the configs are not collected.

If the configs are collected periodically, the will also get copied over to the shadow dir !

you may try to upgrade to latest LMS.4.2, or simply retry by first disable the job and enabled it again.

Also try disable shodows dir and enable it again

(LMS4.2: Admin > Collection Settings > Config - chechmark "Enable Shadow Directory")

also on win32 restart server sometimes needed.


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