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CiscoWorks LMS functionalities

Hi all,

I am setting up CiscoWorks LMS and I have some questions regarding the capabilities of this tool:

- Is it possible to collect and graph the utilization of my serial interfaces so I can check the utilization of my links? As far as I know this is not possible but I am not sure?

- I have configured my routers to send some traps when the link utilization reaches a threshold value this way:

rmon event 1 trap 123erff description "BW in hit%" owner lms

rmon event 2 trap 123erff description "BW recovered" owner lms

rmon event 3 trap 123erff description "BW out hit%" owner lms

rmon event 4 trap 123erff description "BW out recovered" lms

rmon alarm 10 lifEntry.6.10 600 absolute rising-threshold 1785600 1 falling-threshold 1388800 2 owner lms

rmon alarm 20 lifEntry.8.10 600 absolute rising-threshold 1785600 3 falling-threshold 1388800 4 owner lms

- Is it possible to configure the LMS to handle this traps and send an alarm or notification?

- Finally it seems that the server is not collecting all the syslog messages generated from all my routers during the day, it looks like at some point of the day the server is full and will not display the logs of the rest of the day, is it possible to modify this so I can collect and backup the logs on a per day basis?


Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoWorks LMS functionalities

1. Not really. CiscoView has some real-time graphing capabilities for utilization, but none of this is archived for historical trending purposes.

2. No. The trap processing in LMS is limited to certain fault-related traps only. You will need another more fully-functional trap receiving application to handle RMON events.

3. What version of RME do you have? The latest release of RME is unbounded in the number of syslog messages it can handle per-day, and can process up to 200 per second. Also, on what platform have you installed LMS?

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Re: CiscoWorks LMS functionalities

I have a question about CiscoWorks as well... not related.

Can CiscoWorks be used to backup the Call Managers?

Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoWorks LMS functionalities

Please start a new thread for this so we can keep issues separated.

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