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New Member

CiscoWorks LMS3.2 to Prime 1.2




Does anybody knows what´s the path to upgrade to Cisco Prime 1.2?


Or if it is possible to install directly Prime 1.2, with what licencing?


I have Ciscoworks LMS 3.2


Thanks for your help

  • Network Management
Cisco Employee

There is no direct migration

There is no direct migration from LMS 3.x Prime Infrastructure. Usually, Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2 also includes the software and licenses to use Cisco Prime LMS 4.2.

In case you want the data, you have to migrate the data by taking backup and restoring it to CPI from LMS 4.x. LMS 3.x has also reached end of engineering and data migration is not possible. 

As with CPI 1.2 you have LMS 4.2 licenses as well, you can have direct inline upgrade to LMS 4.2 on top of LMS 3.2 server.

The Prime Infrastructure 1.2 (bundle) includes:
•Prime Infrastructure 1.2 (product) - replaces Cisco Prime NCS 1.1 and NCS (WAN) 1.1

•Prime LMS 4.2

It's important to clarify that when we're talking about migrating from LMS to Prime Infrastructure, the only data involved is an inventory of the devices themselves.  There is no migration for historical data, network diagrams, users,
etc.  The data that gets brought over is simply the inventory.  Therefore the migration consists of exporting the devices into a spreadsheet in LMS, and using the bulk import feature in PI to import the CSV file.  Unfortunately there were some slight issues with the formatting of the exported spreadsheet versus what is needed to import into PI. Therefore some manual manipulations are required to get it to work.

With LMS 4.2.2, there is a way right from the web interface to export the device list with credentials that can be consumed by Cisco Prime Infrastructure. The device list can be exported from Administration > Export Data to Cisco Prime Infrastructure (under System). Then select Export Device List and Credentials from the export options.

Once you have the exported device list with credentials from LMS 4.2.2, it can be imported into Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.3 by navigating to Operation > Device Work Center > Bulk Import.

Only migration supported from LMS to PI 1.2 is the device credential repository (DCR) information. We only support direct LMS4.2.x DCR to PI 1.2 exports/imports directly, but you could export from LMS 3.2 to CSV, then modify the CSV file to match what PI 1.2 is looking for, then import that data.



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New Member

Thanks for your reply

Thanks for your reply Vinod

The LMS 4.2 could be installed in a new virtual server or is necessary to upgrade the CIscoworks LMS 3.2?, this because I think the LMS 3.2 dont have the system minimal requirements

Other question is when I have LMS 4.2 installed, I need to upgrade to CPI 1.2?, I dont understand very well the process I need to follow.


I have LMS 4.2 and CPI 1.2 licensing

Actually the CiscoWorks 3.2 is operational, but the database there is not really important for me


Thanks for your help

Cisco Employee

It is not necessary to

It is not necessary to upgrade the existing LMS 3.2. 

Let me give you a brief history. LMS is Cisco NMS software which is used manage the wired insfrastructure and WCS was the management software for managing wireless infrastructure.

As LMS evolved with feature with versions from LMS 3.x to LMS 4.x, WCS was evolved to more functionality with new name - Network Control System (NCS).

It later became Cisco's Idea to integrate these two great management softwares to have one unified application to be able to manage both - wired and wireless infrastructure of our Customers.

This new application is named as Cisco Prime Infrastructure.

CPI is a combo of NCS and LMS. Even though, NCS is fully migrated to CPI, unfortunately due to some technical challanged, all the features introduced in LMS over the years has not been completely migrated/integrated to Cisco PI.

Due to this, our customer's are given a choice with free LMS 4.2 license to continue running the full fledged LMS application side by side Cisco PI.

 So you have to be careful and decide after evaluation on when to move out from LMS completely to Cisco Prime Infrastructure as unified application to manage both wired and wireless portion of your network.

For more details check following documents :

Transitioning from Cisco Prime LMS to Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Cisco Prime Infrastructure LMS Functional Reference

Once you decide on which application you want to continue with, it'll be easy to decide on the implemetation and upgrade path.



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-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **
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