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Ciscoworks Operations - RME

I have around 160 router configs to be extracted out of Ciscoworks. Is there a way Ciscoworks would able to run some kind of automated tool to get this 160 router configs?

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Re: Ciscoworks Operations - RME

Hai ,

If you are using LMS 2.5 then here is the steps.

1.Once you added all the device in CS 3.0 with all essential credentials - SNMP read write community, telnet and enable passwords, then it will automatically managed by RME 4.0

2. The devices are managed only if it appear as Normal devices in RME -> Devices -> Device Management

3.Then select RME -> config management -> archive management. Here it will show successful or failed or partially successful devices.

If your 160 routers appear in successful devices list then your config retrieval is successful.

otherwise click -> admin -> Config Management -> Archive maangement -> collection settings and enable the periodic polling and periodic collection.

So all your 160 router's configs will be archived in the scheduled time.

Finally you can get the configurations from the folder D:\Program Files\CSCOpx\files\rme\dcma\devfiles

All the best.try this but

If you are using LMS 2.2 then the process is simple.

Hope this information is useful for you.

If so Dont forget to rate this post :)


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Re: Ciscoworks Operations - RME

The version I am using is LMS 2.2. I managed to archive the configs however I will need to open 1 at a time to view the configuration. Is there a way where a folder can be created by Ciscoworks to dump in all 160 router configs according to the router name?

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Re: Ciscoworks Operations - RME

Unfortunately no. You can go to the path where the configs are stored, but you will need to know the device ID in order to correlate that to which device it is. The device ID is a numerical number and not the name of the device.

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Re: Ciscoworks Operations - RME

Don't know if this is exaclyt what you wanted but there is a function called "Shadow directory" in LMS.

This stores the latest version of all your archived configs as text files.

These can be found in /var/adm/CSCOpx/files/archive/shadow in LMS2.2

I think it's enabled by default in LMS2.2

If not enabled, search for shadow in your doc.

Very handy if you like me need to automatically store the configs someware else for safe keeping.

Re: Ciscoworks Operations - RME

If you have installed LMS on solaris there is the possibility to write a little shell script that will do it for you.

Or you can use the cli tool cwconfig. Type in "cwconfig export -help" and you will get detailed info about the syntax. Use it with the an input file where you have one definition per line with the arguments -device -f

If you will need -f or not depends on how your devices are in the DB. If they are only listed by IP you will once have to create the mapping between IP and devicename for the input file but if you have done that you can run the command on a regular timebase. Use it with -continue to finish even if errors occure.




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