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Ciscoworks Question

Has anyone ever seen the application called Intermapper? This program allows you to map out your network and it can be configured to send out a notification if a device goes down via e-mail or pager. It also allows you to create log files on traffic and utilization on links. I have had some of my devices go down and then back up here lately and the logs that is generated automatically really doesn’t tell me anything other then the device has went down and then back up. However it doesn’t have any way of allowing you to gather data you want to monitor and putting it into a reporting format for management.

I know Ciscoworks has something similar but it also has so many other software modules you can add to it and I’m not sure which one I should be looking at. If anyone can help out I sure would appreciate it. I’m hoping that if anyone has used anything like this they will be able to point me in the right direction and have some positive comments.

We are a University Campus with about 489 devices that we need to monitor, upgrade, and maintain configuration files. This is getting to be very difficult to due one at a time and ridiculous to do it this way. We also need a better way to monitor all our devices with real time reporting and notifications.



Re: Ciscoworks Question

Well, if you links go down and then come back up then your devices won't be able to tell you more then that.

You need to ask your line providor what happened.

If devices got into problems and rebooted or even when they were left without power they can and will tell you what happened.

But even for Cisco devices it takes some interpretation, but a show tech and a syslog report usually tells me what happened.

Anyway, LMS is a bundle of a mapper/discovery tool (campus) and config/ image/ inventory tool RME and a devices level Fault Management tool.

Maybe it fits your needs better, maybe you need to dig in deeper in your current application. Maybe run both.



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Re: Ciscoworks Question

Basically HP OpenView NNM would be one of the alternatives you may want to consider. It is quite flexible and when tuned correctly is capable of doing the stuff you need. There is some basic reporting that comes with NNM, though you would need to create something custom I guess. You can always combine that with the CW2000 syslog reporting which can assist you quite a bit.

Let me know if you need more info on the above.




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Re: Ciscoworks Question

I use Intermapper for 8 years on our campus. The advantage is that you can easily make performance maps of client / server traffic across the net.

Paging is also very simple to tune. It polls witch some basic services like http(s) time etc.

Our network

2000 users 200 switches 600 servers

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