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CiscoWorks RME Config Collection

I currently have an issue when the daily RME Config Collection keeps finishing later and later until the run time is almost 24 hours, when I know that normally it should only take 3-4 hours?

Is this a known bug within RME?

A reboot of the server usually fixes for a time, then returns.

Cisco Employee

Re: CiscoWorks RME Config Collection

This could be a bug with a loop or deadlock in the ConfigMgmtServer process. There is at least one outstanding bug, CSCsm50949, which affects RME 4.0.6 and 4.1.1. It can occur if there are any 1900 or 2820 series switches in the network which are not running Enterprise code.

Troubleshooting these problems can be tricky. One might get lucky, and see obvious errors either in the dcmaservice.log or the ConfigMgmtServer.log (Windows) or daemons.log (Solaris) which point to the problem. But often times, the true cause of the problem is not seen without a full thread dump from ConfigMgmtServer when the problem is occurring. This is easy to do on Solaris (just run kill -QUIT against the PID of ConfigMgmtServer). However, on Windows it requires one to run ConfigMgmtServer manually outside of dmgtd. Therefore, it's advisable to open a TAC services request and have them step through the procedure.

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