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CiscoWorks Updates

I'm new to CiscoWorks and inherited 2 LMS 3.2 servers about 2 months ago.  Sense the server build in Januray this year, there has not been any updates/upgrades to it at all.  The following is the current build info I was able to collect -

Integration Utility - 1.9.0 (no patches or applications installed)

CiscoView - 6.1.9 (no patches or applications installed)

RME - 4.3.1 - several applications and the 4.3.1 package has been installed (no patches)

LMS Portal - 1.2.0 which includes applications and packages (no patches)

CM - 5.2.1 (includes 5.2.1 patch, several applications and several packages installed)

CS - 3.3 includes several packages (no patches or applications)

CW Assistant - 1.2.0 (no patches or packages installed)

I have downloaded all the patches, packages and updates I could find and am now at the quandry of where in the world do I start in the update/upgrade process.

Should I start in a specific application and move forward from there?  I was told at one time that there may or may not be dependencies on each update/upgrade that may affect other applications within CW.

Anyone that can give me a clue would be a friend for life...  lol



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Re: CiscoWorks Updates

I'm assuming your server is not allowed to connect to the Internet on its own. Otherwise, you could use the built-in update tool and it will both download the packages and apply the updates for you.

In any case, I generally apply and Common Services (CS) updates first. After that, the other applications are relatively independent and can be done in any order. The upgrade process will check for dependencies and alert you if any dependent packages are not present. In that case, simply iterate the process including the required prerequisite packages.

Here is a link to a post I made recently about the CLI procedure for applying updates on a Windows LMS 3.x server.

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Re: CiscoWorks Updates

GREATLY appreciate the help and answering my question.

That is correct, the servers cannot connect independently to the internet - sucks for me, but definitely understand why.. 

I will start the update/upgrade process and let you know how everything turns out.

Again, thanks for the help...


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Re: CiscoWorks Updates

You're welcome. If the info is useful and the procedure works out for you, please rate helpful posts.

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