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New Member

Ciscoworks; what versions and where to find

is it just me or does CW's install process stink on ice?

Our machine blew chunks and had to be rebuilt. We were on 2.6 and various revisions for the modules thereof.

I had the cd media for the 2.6 bundle but when I tried to install that of course it won't, you have to go all the way back to 2.5 which is what I have release disks for, put that on, then try to put 2.6 over top. Of course not all the CDs that came with the 2.6 release bundle want to install, they keep saying they can't "downgrade" certain modules. That's good. I don't want it to downgrade anything.

TWO days of cd juggling and hoop jumping later, I now have:

LMS 2.6; cs 3.0.5; cm4.06; cv 6.1.5; dfm 2.0.6; iu 1.6.0; and rme 4.0.5.

I go to software center and updates and I select "all" modules. It comes back and tells me there are newer versions for cm (4.0.10) DFM (2.0.10) and rme (4.0.6) and it downloads them. Fine.

But I go to install and it claims my CS is out of date for those updates to be applied!! It wants a minimum of 3.0.6 and I can find just about anything(including newer than that, even) but not 3.0.6.

First question: when I ordered the media kit why are some of the CDs for DFM, CM, RME and others a "downgrade" of the LMS install cd from the same stinking set of CD's?

Next question, why oh WHY can't Cisco just make a full install of the most current stuff and post it for download???? I'm all fine with individual modules for folks to pick and choose from but somewhere there ought to be a current base install. Do folks who buy the product new today have to install a 3 year old version then patch it into current shape???

Next question, when I use the software center download, if there is a CS newer than what I have, why didn't it detect that and down load it? YES i checked all products for update.

And finally why doesn't Cisco organize that download site? Why is it so insanely hard to find anything you need? I have version numbers but find myself wading through all kinds of files with names that make no sense and cryptic descriptions wondering if I'm anywhere close??? What's with that?

But I guess the real question is where on earth do I go from this point to determine what I need and where I can get what I need to that I can be completely up to date???

Sorry for the rant but this is the 3rd time in three years I've had to build a ciscoworks box and I'm sick of the entire process. If I knew then what I knew now I'd have bought something else.

Cisco Employee

Re: Ciscoworks; what versions and where to find

Yeah, the install process can be lame. We've really worked on that in 3.0 with the single DVD installer, and we are further improving it in 3.1.

LMS 2.6 was never pressed to a CD as a full release. Instead, we released an LMS 2.6 update disc along with the LMS 2.5.1 application discs. So, to reinstall LMS 2.6 from scratch, you should uninstall what you have (or use the clean_system tool from TAC), then install the 2.5.1 discs followed by the LMS 2.6 update disc.

As for your current problem, there is a CS 3.0.6, and I'm surprised Software Center didn't show it to you. However, you can download it manually from . Once that's installed, the other updates should install without issue. As to why it didn't show, there may be an issue on with the fact that CS 3.0.6 contains crypto code.

New Member

Re: Ciscoworks; what versions and where to find

Thankyou. Yes that file gets me where I gotta go....