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hi everybody

could you pls tell me if i want install ciscoworks on my pc,how much memory needed? or what would be the CHARACTERISTICS of my pc?

could you interduce me self -study docs about ciscoworks?



Re: ciscoworks

System hardware

IBM PC-compatible system with 500 MHz Intel Pentium processor.

- Color monitor.

- CD-ROM drive.

Memory (RAM) 512 MB.

Available drive space

1. Do not install CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5 on a FAT file system.

- 2 GB.

- Paging file space equal to double the amount of memory (RAM).

For example, if your system has 512 MB of RAM, you need 1024 MB of page file.

- NTFS file system required for secure operation.

- At least 16 MB in Windows temporary directory (%TEMP%).

System software

2. You cannot install CiscoWorks SNMS on a system configured as a primary or backup domain controller.

Do not install CiscoWorks SNMS in an encrypted directory. CiscoWorks SNMS does not support directory encryption.

- Windows 2003 Server (Standard and Enterprise Edition).

- Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4.

- Windows 2000 Professional and Server with Service Pack 3.

- ODBC Driver Manager 3.5.10.

CiscoWorks SNMS 1.5 supports only US-English and Japanese versions of

Windows Operating Systems. It does not support any other language version. Set

the default locale to US-English for US-English version and Japanese for

Japanese version.

This is the server site requirement...



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Re: ciscoworks

I never managed to install SNMS on 2003. The installation routine doesn't want to install on such OS

>Windows 2003 Server (Standard and Enterprise Edition).

Is there something you can do the fool the install routine?



Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoworks

You need SNMS 1.5.1 (1.5 doesn't work on 2003). The 1.5.1 installer should not need any "fooling" to work.

However, I didn't see SNMS mentioned at all in the original question. Typically, when one talks about CiscoWorks, they are referring to LMS. LMS requires at least 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of swap just to start (without managing any devices). If you plan on installing the whole bundle on one server, you need a multi-CPU machine.

The best all-in-one page for all the CiscoWorks bundles is . For specific CiscoWorks applications, see . All of the server requirements will be listed there. For good white papers on LMS, see .


Re: ciscoworks

True, LMS is typical, SNMS is not.

But when I saw SNMS and win2k3 mentioned I recalled it didn't work on that platform.

1.5.1 installer? Isn't this 1.5.1 like an SP that you install ontop of the SNMS? There was something on the SNMS CD called 1.5.1 Update K9. I guess if it is not an SP then I was given the wrong CD to install.



Cisco Employee

Re: ciscoworks

You need to order CWSNM-MAR05-SR-K9 which may be a free upgrade available at . This should install directly onto Windows 2003.

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