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Client PC is using the VLAN MAC address when renewing DHCP lease

Hi all,

I have a strange thing happening with some of my windows clients in that they are getting IP address conflicts.

On inspection the hardware address being passed to the windows 2003 DHCP server is the address of the VLAN defined in the 3750.

This only appears to be happening on one 3750, not the failover.

Both are on the same firmware,  12.2(44)SE5, so I would have expected them to behave the same. This has only started happening since I updated the firmware a couple of months back (used the same image for all 4 3750s we have at our college.

Can anyone offer an explanation or fix.

I suspect I'm going to have to reboot the switch but dont want to as its the core connected to SAN and esxi hosts.


David Waters

Network Manager

Scotch Oakburn College               

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