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Clients 'Going Offline?'


Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place!

I'm having a problem with computers on my network going ?offline? Windows XP Pro reports the computer as loosing its connection to our main server. I cannot find anything in common with the computers that this problem is effecting (their not always plugged into the same switch or doing the same thing when this happens.) We have about 80 computers linked up using Cisco 3500 XL switches. What I?m thinking could be causing the problem is somewhere along the line a link being used over its limit and perhaps dropping packets? Msn messenger also signs out from time to time but I have a feeling this is an unrelated problem that?s to do with our ageing gateways.

We only have a 100Mbps link between our main server (AD, Exchange and File Server) and a 3500XL Switch and a fibre link between that switch and another 3500XL.

I realise this is a Cisco forum and my intention is to rule out our Cisco switches as the cause of the problem.

If more information is needed please don?t hesitate to ask

Many thanks in advance.

Tom Hill

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Re: Clients 'Going Offline?'

Sorry this is not a solution response, but I am having this same problem and in seek of a solution. Have you resolved this issue?

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Re: Clients 'Going Offline?'

afraid not! i still beleive its due to a link / server / switch being overloaded (and my moneys on the 100Mbps link between a switch and our main server (AD+DHCP+Exchange+File Server) but to be honest i dont know enough to put money into solutions that then have no positive effect.

what is your setup?

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Re: Clients 'Going Offline?'

One solution that is fairly close to your symptoms is to ensure the "spanning-tree portfast" is set on all your access ports (client PCs & Servers). This way when the PCs come online the switch ports don't go through the checks to ensure there isn't a loop in your network (can take up to 50 seconds), rather the ports are active instantly.

Failure to receive drive mappings & an IP address via DHCP upon bootup are these symptoms. Once the PC is up, requesting an IP address with a ipconfig /renew command will be successful as well as manually mapping a network drive.

Just a thought, check it out & give it a try.

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