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CM 5.2.1 Acquisition Problems

My CM 5.2.1 (on LMS 3.2, running on a non-virtual server instance on Windows Server 2008 Standard x64 with SP1) is not properly collecting data during User Tracking. Major and minor acquisitions are running per the default schedule but not actually collecting any data. I tired kicking off an ad hoc acquisition and got the error shown in the attached screenshot.

A CSC search and check of Bug Tracker seemed to indicate that Bug CSCtd49439 may be responsible. So I got the patch from the TAC and auccessfully installed it. However, I get the same results from User Tracking.

The server appears to be operating normally otherwise.

Any suggestions?

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Re: CM 5.2.1 Acquisition Problems


you could check if there is a file named "xmlwrite.lock" in your Cisco Works folder. Don´t know the exact position, so maybe u can use the windows search for the whole CW installation folder to find that file.

U can delete this file, after that, try to start the Ut again.



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Re: CM 5.2.1 Acquisition Problems

Sorry but a search of CSCOpx reveals no file of that name.

I have a case open with the TAC, just thought I'd cross-post here for added input.

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Re: CM 5.2.1 Acquisition Problems

With 5.2.1, you need to make sure you have patches for CSCtg20882 in addition to CSCtd49439.  You are almost certainly running into one or both of these problems.

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Re: CM 5.2.1 Acquisition Problems

Thanks, Joe. I will pass that on to my TAC engineer (SR 614567031).

CSCtg20882 refers explicitly to xmlwrite.lock, which is not found on my server. But... the error message I do get seems to indirectly refer to the same thing.

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Re: CM 5.2.1 Acquisition Problems

It appears that the patch installation script for CSCtd49439-0 did not properly update the file PortDetailsXml.class. Manually replacing it fixed the issue.

I went ahead and applied the CSCtg20882 patch while I was in there.

User Tracking is now acquiring hosts properly.

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