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CNR 6.2 hardware transition questions

The CNR installation I'm maintaining is running on obsolete equipment, and we're trying to get everything upgraded in one pass if possible. The problems begin when you look at what we're trying to do. The CNR is performing DHCP only for our cable modem customer base, no DNS update.

The initial CNR install was ver 3.5 on SunOS 5.6, and we followed the upgrade path to bring it up to something supportable (6.2 Solaris, still on the original Sun server). There is no fail-over pair. I am trying to plan out how to lose the 3.5 legacy elements of the databases ("Selection-criteria include/exclude", among others), move to x86 server hardware, upgrade the support OS to Red Hat ES4 and develop a fail-over schema.

Simple? I doubt it.

My first task is getting a backup server ready for the inevitable crash. Is it possible to move the current database across architecture, as long as it is the exact same CNR version (6.2) on the new server hardware?

Once I have a stable backup server, I can get on with updating from 6.2 to the latest 6.x.x.x version.

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