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CNR on Centos 6 & DHCP service issue

Hi All,

   I tried to install the Cisco Network Registerar on Centos 6. When I start the services I see everything working fine. The DHCP service doesn't get started at all. There is a issue while starting it.

Please let me know how to trouble shoot this and is LDAP mandatory for DHCP service to be started ?


New Member

CNR on Centos 6 & DHCP service issue

Could some one provide me some inputs on this installation. I have provided all the necessary license and still the DHCP service is not starting. The Version of the CNR is 7.2 which is latest I believe. Will this version work on Centos 6 ? If yes then what is wrong with DHCP service. If this doesn't work on Centos 6 then I need to change the OS.

Please help.



New Member

CNR on Centos 6 & DHCP service issue


I had similar problem when trying to run CNR on 64-bit CentOS (though it was 5.7). After I changed to 32-bit OS version everything went fine.

Hope this helps.


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CNR on Centos 6 & DHCP service issue

Dear Amar,

i had exactly the same issues. After reading more or less Cisco Doku i found a small hint on a cisco web site.

---- snip ----

Red Hat Linux Installation

Installing Network Registrar on Red Hat Linux requires that you install the 32-bit OpenLDAP library; otherwise, the DHCP server may fail to start.

---- snap ----

In addidtion the install routine requested sun-java also in 32bit version.

So after all it runs on a 64Bit CentOS6 with these two 32bit applications.

Kind regards


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