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We use one /16 network for resources, 10.100/16.

CNR is configured to add an entry in the forward and reverse tree when a

DHCP client requests a IP address: IN A

and 24h PTR

The reverse tree is on a /16 level: zone is used for all reverse entries, which means that

all reverse entries goes to on reverse zone file in CNR:

Historically a number of reverse zones have been used (example):

We would now like to migrate the host in the /24 reverse zones (example is So I remove the the entries and also the reverse

zone files and add the entries to reverse tree


Strange thing now is that for a few of this migrated entries the view in

CNR GUI is not consistent with the documentation?

According to documentation "List DNS Server RRs for Zone" should contain resource records for DCHP requests

and also static entries. But this view is lacking entries for a few of the

migrated zones hosts (example

The view "List/Add CCM Server Protected RRs for Zone"

contains all static records as described in the manual.

If I do a zone transfer I can see all records as expected.

Do anyone have a answer to why this records described above not can be

seen in the "List DNS Server RRs for Zone" view?


OS : Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1

CNR: Release 6.2.2 [Windows build #]


Best regards,

johan hellstrom

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