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Collect snmp traffic information realtime


I want to collect the snmp information about the traffic rate from the interface. I found in the show interface result that it only shows the 5 mins traffic rate. And I was wondering if we could do it in real time manner or approximately 1 - 10 sec. Could you suggest what way we can do this? Does it have a specific mib I can use?

Basically what I am trying to achieve is to find the maximun traffic rate in the 5 minutes period. I want to collect the rate in every 10 sec. And compare them to find the maximun during the 5mins period. Then the snmp poller will poll this information later on. This may require creating the custom mib to store this maximum value and wait for the poller to poll. I am not sure if we can do that in IOS. If we can, what IOS version should be able to do it.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Re: Collect snmp traffic information realtime

There're a couple of IOS commands you can use, as described at They have the desired effects under normal circumstances. However, according to various user reports, IOS may defer on updating SNMP counter values when it gets busy dealing with its "day job" of moving packets.