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Common Services Device Discovery Setting

Hi Experts,

There are two doubts on the setting for Device Discovery.

1. If I have add a network address for ping sweep (e.g. | and in the filter exclude IP address, will LMS still try to discover The purpose in doing so is trying to get rid of from unreachable device list.

2. After all devices are discovered by LMS, the IP addresses for those devices are changed. Say from 10.x.x.x to 192.168.x.x. Will LMS capable to discover those devices back by having changes make in seed device list?


Yi Shyuan


Re: Common Services Device Discovery Setting


1. I think CS discovers the and then it looks in the filter table and ignores the device.

So you should not see it in the unreachable list.

2. The IP addresses will be changed because CS looks for a management address for every device.

You can configure to use the loopback address for example. If you don't use this, CS has an routine for selecting the interface with the highest ip address.

If you have more than one loopback interface configured, it is the same.

So CS discovers a device by its address 10.x.x.x over CDP for example, but put it in the database with the IP 192.x.x.x.

New Member

Re: Common Services Device Discovery Setting


Thanks for your reply.

For the last para, you were saying if a device is discovered using 10.x.x.x via CDP initially, the new IP address, 192.168.x.x for a same device will overwrite the database on the subsequent discovery aft the IP address is changed?




Re: Common Services Device Discovery Setting

I don't know if I understand your question...

Discover a new device by see it over CDP on the interface vlan xy with the IP 10.x.x.x

Looking on the device CS recognizes that there is an interface with the IP 192.x.x.x on the device and because of that the device is stored in DB with this address as mgmt-address.

If you delete the IP 192.x.x.x on the device I don't know what will happen.

I think CS don't understand at the next discovery that it is the same device.

So you will get a "new" device with another mgmt-address.

New Member

Re: Common Services Device Discovery Setting

Hi sven,

Based on your explanation, am I right to say that if a same device is now discovered using new management IP address, the old management IP address will still remain in CS database? Will it be displayed in the device management list as well? What will be the status? Reachable or unreachable? ( I supposed the status should now be unreachable as the old management IP address is now no longer in use.)