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config archive problem

I see most of my deivces are failing for VLAN configuration archive but it captures Primary configuration. Is there a way I can disable VLAN archive and let CiscoWorks archive only the Primary/running?

Cisco Employee

Re: config archive problem

You can't disable its collection as it is an important file. However, in newer versions of LMS, you can disable the Change Audit record for this file under RME > Admin > Change Audit > Config Change Filter.

Note: by upgrading to LMS 2.6, you should have most of the vlan.dat related fixes which should hopefully fix this problem for you. Of course, vlan.dat is fetched in a unique way. In order to be able to fetch this file, RME will telnet or SSH to the switch in question, and then perform a "copy flash:vlan.dat tftp:". If you do not allow RME to connect to the switch interactively, this will, of course, fail.

For troubleshooting vlan.dat archival problems, I recommend a sniffer that captures all telnet and TFTP traffic from the CiscoWorks server to the switch (with SSH this is moot). As well as enabling ArchiveMgmt debugging under RME > Admin > System Preferences > Loglevel Settings, and looking at the dcmaservice.log for errors.

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