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config archiving problem


am having problem in archiving config from switches in cisco works. am having problem in only 5 switches all others switch configurations archived when I try to do this I found following error.

TELNET: Failed to establish TELNET connection to - Cause: Authentication failed on device 3 times. PRIMARY-RUNNING config Fetch Operation failed for TFTP. Failed to detect SSH version running on the device. Failed to fetch config using RCP.Connection refused: connect Verify RCP is enabled or not.

can any one help me to fix this


Cisco Employee

Re: config archiving problem

What protocol should work for these devices?  That is, should telnet succeed?  Should SSH?  The error here first points to RME not being able to login to the device via telnet due to invalid credentials for the device in DCR.  If telnet should succeed, confirm the credentials in DCR are correct.  If they are, and the problem persists, start a sniffer trace filtering on tcp/23 traffic to the device, and perform another sync archive job.  When it fails, the sniffer trace should reveal why.

If SSH should work, make sure you can SSH to the device from the RME server, and login using the credentials in DCR.

If SNMP/TFTP should work, make sure the SNMP read-write credential in DCR is correct for the failing devices.  Also, make sure that udp/69 and all ephemeral UDP ports are open between the server and device.  A sniffer will also work here.  You can filter on all UDP traffic between the RME server and the device.  When the job fails, the sniffer trace should show why.

Community Member

Re: config archiving problem


Thanks for that apparently nearly 200 switches are working only 5 switches we have a problem. please see snmp config below. I have added RW recently it is not taking effect. please see screen shot of working one and not working

snmp-server community comms RO
snmp-server community comms RW
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart
snmp-server enable traps tty
snmp-server enable traps fru-ctrl
snmp-server enable traps entity
snmp-server enable traps cpu threshold
snmp-server enable traps vtp
snmp-server enable traps vlancreate
snmp-server enable traps vlandelete
snmp-server enable traps flash insertion removal
snmp-server enable traps port-security
snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status
snmp-server enable traps license
snmp-server enable traps config-copy
snmp-server enable traps config
snmp-server enable traps hsrp
snmp-server enable traps bridge newroot topologychange
snmp-server enable traps stpx inconsistency root-inconsistency loop-inconsistency
snmp-server enable traps syslog
snmp-server enable traps vlan-membership
snmp-server host comms
snmp-server host comms

Cisco Employee

Re: config archiving problem

You need to go to Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management, click the Edit Credentials button, then fill in the missing credentials for those five devices.  Then run a new Device Credential Verification job (not just the report, but schedule a new job to run).

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