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configuration backup in LMS3.0

Hi All, I have configured LMS to take the backup of DC devices daily & access switches weekly & backup is happening as per schedule. but how can I retrieve configuration from LMS if I want to restore last week configuration for example.. I checked in shadow directory there is only single configuration file for each devices. I can not find configuration according to sync schedule.

and what is the difference between config collection & sync archive..which one takes the backup of device configurarion..please help as I dont see configuration backup..I checked in version gives me daily configu version which is not true as my access device backed up weekly but in version tree its shows daily configuration file...

Cisco Employee

Re: configuration backup in LMS3.0

The Version Tree will show every version of the configuration in the archive for a given device. Even if you are running Sync Archive jobs weekly, it could be that syslog messages, periodic polling, or system collection are archiving the config daily (even for your access switches). If you are doing custom collection via Sync Archive, you will want to make sure your periodic polling and system collection jobs (under RME > Admin > Config Mgmt > Collection Settings) are disabled.

Syslog is a different story. If you are sending syslog messages to the RME server, then RME will attempt to archive the config from the device immediately upon receiving a config change message. If changes occur daily, then you could conceivably get new archive versions daily.

As for restoring the config to the device, Version Tree is as good of a way of doing this as any. Just select the config version/date you want to restore, and open it. At the bottom, there will be a Deploy button. If the device in question is a new replacement for a failed device, select the Merge option. Else, leave the option as the default Overwrite.

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