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Configuring RV325 and WAP321 for guest network


I am trying to complete a wireless project for my local community center but am bumping into difficulties. I will try to properly explain what I am attempting to do. 

Our local community center has DSL line. I would like to provide them wireless and wired coverage. I have a RV325-K9-NA and two WAP321s. I would like to have workstations wired in and two SSIDs. One for staff members and one for guests. The guests should only have internet access. I am unsure how I can simultaniously have wireless traffic that can see the internal network and wireless traffic that cant. 


Thanks for your help.



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nick59007,The problem you are


The problem you are running into can simply be handled with Vlans (virtual local area networks).   The RV325 comes out of the box with vlan 1 (private), vlan 25 (public), vlan 100 (phones).  The issue you explain could be solved by placing your private (staff) network on the vlan 1 and public network on vlan 25 (access this by setting up the port managment - port membership).  

You will want to make sure that the DHCP is setup to 2 different networks (for example and

I think you are probably just wanting wireless clients to access the vlan 25 so you will set that up in the WAP under your radio networks (there is a vlan id field).  if you want staff to use wireless as well you can set that up too just add a second AP and assign it to the Vlan 1.

NOTE: WAP321 supports the captive portal which essentially allows you to have your public users accept a usage policy so you're not viable for the data consumed by the public users.


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