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Creating VLAN on our Cisco 300 series router

I am wanting to create separate VLANs on our Cisco 300 series switches, but I am struggling to find any decent examples out there.


Our basic infrastructure is

Router with VLAN1 VLAN2

The switch is set up on ports 2345 for VLAN2

Port 1 is attached to the router on VLAN1 and VLAN2 assigned.

My problems seem to be that I really not sure what settings I should be using for each the ports to get this to work correctly

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Hi,Hope below link will have


Hope below link will have the information which you are looking for.

If you are looking for only vlan creation then below link will help.

According to your above description you have connected the router to port 1 of switch and you have configured it as vlan 1...Should this port be trunk???



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Managed to get the VLAN's to

Managed to get the VLAN's to work with one of our switches.

I am now wanting to SPAN the VLAN across the switches is this possible with the 300 series?

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Port 1 is to be set as trunk

Port 1 is to be set as trunk port and the router if cisco should have sub interfaces for vlan 1 and vlan 2 also. Is the encrypted dot1q cmd entered on the sub interfaces also?

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