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Credential Manager to RME lag time?

I define all my gear under CS -> Device and Credentials -> Device Management and have the "Automatically Manage Devices from Credential Repository" box checked in RME. This works most of the time, but I'm running into a couple quirks.

1. If I create a group and make a rule, specifically that device with an IP address within a certain range is a member, and then add a device that conforms to that rule, it does not get added to the group. I tried "Refreshing" the group in RME -> Devices -> Group Administration, and that popped up a little box that said I rock, but the membership was the same as before.

2. I changed the IP address of a machine that was within the range:

Device.IP.Address range "10.39.52.[2-3]"

to be in the Credential Manager. The box is still in the group despite being outside the range. "Refresh" didn't work there either. I also tried rebooting the daemon, but that didn't help.

I'm not clear on the Credential Manager to RME (or any other application) relationship now. Does the CM house all the credentials and get referenced all the time? Or does it simply store them and the various applications cache the information? If the info is cached, how do I pop the cache?

I am asking this now because I want to set up groups for all of the infrastructure now, but not if I have to later delete and re-create them to have the new boxes in the range recognized.

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Re: Credential Manager to RME lag time?

First, you need to define the group to have automatic membership instead of manual. This is the default, but make sure you have not changed it.

Since you are using RME to create the groups, you need to rely on RME's inventory data. If RME does not have proper inventory information for a device with the up-to-date IP information, then the groups will still reflect the information RME has in its database.

Therefore, for the devices you are testing, run an RME inventory collection job, and see if the rule membership changes.


Re: Credential Manager to RME lag time?

For consistancy of user interface I always define all dynamic groups on the DCR Master in CS. Membership rules vary across the applications, but the DCR is always available.

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