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Critical message reported by LMS 2.5


Below is a critical message reported by LMS 2.5 about a 2950 switch. Has anyone seen this message before and know what the cause/fix is? Thanks

ALERT ID = 000015R

TIME = Wed 27-Sep-2006 01:07:11 CDT

STATUS = Active

SEVERITY = Critical

MANAGED OBJECT = <ip address>

MANAGED OBJECT TYPE = Switches and Hubs

EVENT DESCRIPTION = MEM-<ip address>[Processor]:InsufficientFreeMemory;

<ip address>:Unresponsive; <ip address>:Unresponsive;


Re: Critical message reported by LMS 2.5

Hi Michael,

have a look here:


Description: System is running out of memory resources. Also reported if there has been a failure to allocate a buffer due to lack of memory.

Trigger: Exceeded Free memory threshold.

Severity: Critical.

Device Type: All.

Event Code: 1015

Have a try on:

show memory failure allocation


show memory statistics

Hope that give you a valuable hint.

Best regards,



Re: Critical message reported by LMS 2.5

this is an LMS event alert.

this is stating that device 'ipAddress' is having memory issues.

(in the above event, memory exhaustion; aka. no free memory available for whatever process was attempting to use it; looks like the processor was attempting to use buffer memory)

i would verify your IOS version and possible upgrade/downgrade for a fix.

(seems like an IOS issue rather than a physical problem)

NOTE: this device cannot have its memory upgraded. it comes with 8mb buffer memory and 16mb DRAM.

perform some 'show memory...' commands to view the status & availability of memory and which process(es) may be causing the 'hogging' of memory.

(post results and we can assist further if you need)

Cisco Employee

Re: Critical message reported by LMS 2.5

If you look at the memory on the device and its fine, then you might want to adjust your DFM thresholds for memory. Perhaps its triggering on too low of a value.

Community Member

Re: Critical message reported by LMS 2.5

Thanks for the replies. I looked at some of the show memory options and noticed what seemed like an endless output of "memory owned by dead processes".

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