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CSM 3.0.1 with RME 4.04

We just recently received our Cisco Security Manager which included RME 4.04. We're currently assessing the installation and whether this system will be a candidate for installation in our VMWare VI3 environment. Are CSM and RME allowed to co-exist on the same Windows install or does RME require a server separate from CSM? Thanks.


Cisco Employee

Re: CSM 3.0.1 with RME 4.04

RME can coexist with CSM provided you are using the version of RME that comes with CSM, and that you meet all the system requirements. Note: VMWare is currently not supported.

New Member

Re: CSM 3.0.1 with RME 4.04

I have also just installed, CSM 3.01 and applied sp1. anyways, why would I want to Install Rme on the CSM box?: I already have lms 2.6 on another box in our network..

does having RME on CSM provide some extra functionality with CSM?

Also , the Standalone CSA that comes with CSM, how do i go about updating that?

Cisco Employee

Re: CSM 3.0.1 with RME 4.04

Having RME on a separate server is fine. You will not lose any functionality since you can integrate the servers' DCRs if you desire.

As for the CSA question, you may want to ask on the security forum.

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Re: CSM 3.0.1 with RME 4.04

I think i may have phrased my question wrong, what i meant to say is, I currently have an lms 2.6 server that has RME on it.

Should I install RME on the CSM server?

what does rme do on the CSM server?

Is having RME on the CSM server just a duplication of the functionality on the LMS 2.6 server?

I had a case open with TAC and they told me RME could not be installed on a CSM server..( gotta love TAC ,thousands of idiots, and 10 or 20 geniuses... heehehhe cisco humor)..

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