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CSS 11501 mib question


I am looking for mib attributes for the CSS 11501 that provide the output of the "sh virtual" and "sh real" commands. Is anyone able to help with that?

My customer has provided the following command line output as examples and wants some of this info gathered using SNMP if possible.

Regards, John


XXXXX> sh virtual

                  Machine                 Mode    State  Connect   Sticky  Predictor  Slowstart
          domain:80:0:tcp       directed local      IS        2     1500   leastconns roundrobin*

XXXXX> sh real
Real Machines:

                                                   No Answer TCP Reset DataIn
                  Machine  Connect   State  Thresh Reassigns Reassigns  Conns
         server3:80:0:tcp       0     OOS       4         0         0      0
         server1:80:0:tcp       0      IS       4         0         0      0
         server2:80:0:tcp       2      IS       4         0         0      0

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Re: CSS 11501 mib question

Hi John,

I think that information is provided by the CISCO-SLB-MIB. You can obtain that MIB here:

If I'm not mistaken the slbConnectionTable provides useful info.

The slbVirtualServerTablelooks like it provides the "sh virtual" equivalent, and I think the real info is given from a few different objects.

I don't have one of these in the lab... but a few years ago, I had some truck with that MIB.

Hope that helps!


Community Member

Re: CSS 11501 mib question

Hi Curtis

that certainly looks like it could provide the info I need ... however there's no response from the device when I do a SNMP query on either of those tables. In fact the only response from a query to the Cisco SLB mib is to the slbSaspTable. And that just contains one row which seems to indicate SASP is disabled.

The device provides a lot of info in response to a query on the Cisco Arrowpoint Mib branch ( Do you know if the info you refer to is available in that branch? I have looked but can't find anything similar.

Regards, John

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