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CUSM problem


I have a problem with Cisco Unified Service Monitor, we had the operation manager working for a period and then we purchased the license of the service monitor,

i loaded that license into the server and the service monitor is working.

I configured all callmanagers (6.0.1) as mentioned in the installation guide, and i think they are well configured since i can see files (cdr and cmr) pushed by callmanager in "C:\Program Files\CSCOpx\qovr\preserve".

the problem is that Service Moniter is not monitiring any phone, and when generating CVTQ reports it mentions that there is no records.

Thank you in advance

here you find three screenshots


Re: CUSM problem

There is no data in CVTQ report.

1. Make sure that CDR is enabled on all Unified Communications Manager nodes (publisher and subscribers.) To do so:

a. Log into Unified Communications Manager Administration.

b. Select Service Parameter > Call Diagnostic Enabled.

2. For Unified Communications Manager 5.x and 6.x, check the CSCOpx\qovr\preserve directory on Service Monitor server. Both cdr_xxxxx and cmr_xxxxx files should be pushed into this directory by Unified Communications Manager 5.x or 6.x.

3. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes to see CVTQ report.

Unified Communications Manager 5.x and later resends backlogged data to application billing servers after reconnecting to them. Service Monitor must process this data and discard old data. Depending on the size of the backlog, the processing can take days. To prevent this processing from occurring, from Unified Communications Manager do the following:

1. Remove the Service Monitor application billing server; (doing so removes the associated list of backlogged files).

2. Restart the CDRM service.

3. Add Service Monitor to Unified Communications Manager as an application billing server.

4. Restart the CDRM service.

For further information click this link.

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Re: CUSM problem


Based on your screenshot titled "CDR&CMR" the CDR and CMR that are pushed to CUSM have a timestamp of 8:01 which is more than 4 minutes off from the current time shown in the taskbar of 8:55. If the times are off by more than 4 minutes then the records are not processed and discarded hence the phone count does not increase and no records will show in the reports. Also the timestamps in the filename should be in GMT so the timezones might not be set properly in CUCM. Please check that.

I would also wait a few hours and see if the difference between the timestamp and the current time decreases. This is because CDR in CUCM is designed to store CDRs if the connection to the billing server is broken. Once the connection is reestablished then the old CDRs will be sent first and at a rapid rate until it catches up to the current time.

The phone count is based on the number of unique end points (gateways, phones) found in processing the records.

Are you sure that call diagnostics is enabled on every CUCM in the cluster?

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Re: CUSM problem


It wasn't a matter of time I've already fixed it and nothing happened. Everything was well configured. It was a bug in CUSM I fixed it now I am able to see phones and CVTQ reports but there still a problem ; the CVTQ report is showing that the MOS value is “unavailable” and if so the “Service Quality View” in the CUOM will show nothing no matter what happened. I think this might be caused by the bad CRM files, especially the MLQK values.


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