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Customizable Access Interface Trunk Hidden 1 - C Groups DFM

He Experts,

does some one is able to explain me how to work with the LMS 2.6 DFM Groups with summary of snmp settings. As example on the switch I configure on uplink interfaces snmp trap link-status, on access-port no snmp link-status and globally snmp-server enable traps snmp linkdown linkup; logging; snmp-server host ROstring;

Now what I can do with Customizable Access Port Groups, or all other predefined Groups in DFM ? If I want to see a group like Germany in the DFM Alert and Activities without setting up ACS, do I need to build this group under CS@server groups ? If I will forward the group events of Germany to email notification ? Looks like Im totally confused how to work with it. I was on the LMS class but we do not work with groups! Is there any url explain it with example not only what it mean the rules parent and so on or is there a tutorial ? Please help if you can whit detail explanation and not with more confusions.

Danke Gruss Steffen

Cisco Employee

Re: Customizable Access Interface Trunk Hidden 1 - C Groups DFM

If you want to control which DFM events are turned into notifications, you can either configure the DFM Customizable Groups, or create a new user-defined group under Common Services or DFM. Since you say you'd like to match on devices in Germany, it would be better to either configure one of the DFM Customizable Groups or create a new DFM user-defined group since those options will allow you to match on sysLocation. In this example, we'll use a pre-existing Customizable Group.

First, pick one of the available Customizable Groups that you are not already using for something unrelated (e.g. Customizable Group 1). Then, edit the properties for that group. Assuming all devices in Germany will have "Germany" in their sysLocation, your group ruleset will be something like:

Device.Location contains "Germany"

Now, go to DFM > Notification Services > Notification Groups, and create a new notification group (e.g. "GermanyNotifGroup"). For the device selector on the left, navigate to your Customizable Group, and you should see all of the matching devices. With that group checked, you can configure the rest of your notification settings.

After your notification group is created, go to DFM > Notification Services > E-Mail Subscription to create a new notification subscription which will send emails. Select your previously created notification group.

Now, all events from the given set of devices that match your other notification group settings will be sent as email.

As for general help on how CiscoWorks grouping works, consult the online help. The main Common Services Group Administration help is a good place to start (http://server/help/cmf/group_administration.html).

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Re: Customizable Access Interface Trunk Hidden 1 - C Groups DFM

He Jclarke,

I have build this group how you explain it. Thank you to help me. But some more question coming. I have 7 customizable groups 1 hidden group under DFM, but have 100 networks like Germany to monitor. I can not change the name of customizable group, need to remember if that group is germany or some else. What about hidden group ? What about customizable Trunk Groups 7 and Access Port Groups 7 ? How can I setup all Trunk Ports of Germany in a Group ? How does DFM make a difference between Trunk and Access Port if I will look for uplinks to the next switch or wireless ap's on Fastethernet ports ? Do I need to work additional with snmp link-status in the switches self ? I got more then 10.000 syslog messages in 24 hours from some devices, likely cdp speed duplex mismatch with ip phones ! Sometimes I change the speed in the device, but with 100 LAN's I will not able to follow any unknown changes from local admin, when they plug cables where they want ! If I configure on the device "logging trap 4" does the syslog messages will reduce up to the warning level ? Looks to me Im the master of the questionsworld, sorry about this !

Danke Gruss Steffen !

PS: I do not want to open other treath's for each question, also sorry !

Cisco Employee

Re: Customizable Access Interface Trunk Hidden 1 - C Groups DFM

I'll address these DFM group questions in this thread, but you will need to start another thread for the syslog question.

If you have a lot of networks, and you want to create notifications groups for each one, you can create new DFM user-defined groups instead of using the pre-existing Customizable Groups. You can also create user-defined groups under Common Services which can be used for DFM notification groups.

No, you cannot change the names of the pre-existing Customizable Groups in DFM. You can, however, change their descriptions. New user-defined groups can have any name you like.

I'm not sure what you mean by hidden group.

The Customizable Port and Interface groups are primarily used to configure different threshold policies. In addition to being used for notification groups, the Customizable Groups can also be used to customize polling policies. New DFM user-defined groups can NOT be used for threshold or polling policies.

Grouping all the trunk ports in Germany is not something that can be easily done since the Customizable Trunk Port group doesn't offer sysLocation as a matching criteria. But I'm not sure you really want to do this. The way these interface and ports groups work is to allow you to group certain devices, ports, and/or interfaces together that will have the same threshold parameters. Should all the trunk ports on all the Germany devices have the same threshold values?

DFM considers trunk ports to be any switch port which is connected to another managed device (i.e. an uplink port). Nothing needs to be done on the devices to make this happen. You just need to add all of the devices you want to manage into DFM. Any switch port that is not connected to another managed device is considered to be an access port, and it is not managed by default.

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Re: Customizable Access Interface Trunk Hidden 1 - C Groups DFM

He Jclarke,

danke again for your short answer ... cool

no need for syslog thread, based i reread my thread from 13.of december and found the answer.

there is one default group under dfm customizable group calling hidden customizable group ...

I think mostly you answer my question on this thread, great thanks for it.

I already jump to another open thread about change snmp and pw. will make my question there !

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