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Customized report in RME


I would like to create a customized report in RME which has the possibility to report the serial number of the power supply .

I can do this with a detailed device report but then I have to much information .

The options in the customized reports don't give me this possibility but maybe somebody knows a trick ?


Re: Customized report in RME

Detailed device report is the only option that I know by which you can get the serial number of the devices. I am not too sure if there is some other way of doing this.

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Re: Customized report in RME

You might be able to use the Data Extracting Engine (DEE) to export details such as you seek. You'd have to parse the output to get what you need though.

Cisco used to have a custom report applet that snapped into RME that allowed one that level of query granularity as well, but it appears to have been deprecated - I don't see it on CCO anymore.

It may be easier to just write a shell script to successively go through a list of devices passed from a file, telnet into each, execute the command to get the PS, and write the ouptput to a file.

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