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CW LMS 3.2 DB Views Integration with HP DDM

Our DDM admin would like to pull device information from LMS. I've enabled DB Views (ODBC) access and tested from my desktop that I can query the data successfully. The DDM admin is telling me DDM requires access to several master tables - sysservers, sysdatabases, syslogins, etc..before he can query the RME/ANI device data. Does anyone know if these master system tables are available, exposed or even exist in LMS? I can't find them.

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CW LMS 3.2 DB Views Integration with HP DDM

The master tables have to exist, otherwise the database would not work.... They automatically gets created when a user database is created.

What I am wondering about is why he needs access to these tables? The information provided in the DB views can be access in the way it is documented here (and you obviously managed to do it)

LMS 3.2:

LMS 4.1

If you (or the DDM admin) is refering to p.4 of the features of the "Additional Content Pack 10" for DDM here:

the JDBC connect you provided seems ok...

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