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CW LMS 4.0.1 - User Tracking Problem

Hello all,

I'm facing a problem with User Tracking in LMS 4.0.1. We have 400 devices, and the UT Major Aqusition doesn't run correctly. Only 5 devices are in the database of it! I ran Device Discovery, but it put all the devices in the "all devices" Inventory category again.

CiscoWork Topology shows all links with red lines, too. The devices are available, SNMP is ok, monitoring works fine.

Could anybody please help me? What kind of log should I post here?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: CW LMS 4.0.1 - User Tracking Problem

400 devices - do you mean 400 end users?

Do they all use a Layer 3 default gateway that is among your discovered and managed devices?

Have you followed the steps and troubleshooting from around page 24 of this guide?

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Re: CW LMS 4.0.1 - User Tracking Problem

No, we have 435 switches! I tried everything, but it doesn't work. I tried to rediscover the switches, but CW added every device once again into the database, so I had to delete them.

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