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CWLMS 3.1 swap resource

What is the relationship between the Windows OS Virtual Memory Paging file, and the CWLMS available "Swap"?

How does CWLMS decide where to get it's "swap" space if there are windows paging files available on multiple devices (e.g. C: and D:)?

Cisco Employee

Re: CWLMS 3.1 swap resource

Java requires a substantial amount of VM to do its memory management. The JVM will talk to the OS to get memory, so multiple page files will be fully supported. In fact, I tend to use multiple page files on my lab servers.

Community Member

Re: CWLMS 3.1 swap resource

Thanks, I presumed as much, but am still unclear as to why we would experience a "current swap space is less than the minimum requirement. This may affect performance" warning during CWLMS 3.1 *install*, with 61Mb "swap ävailable" displayed, 8192Mb "swap required" displayed . . . . . . when the Windows OS says that it has 32765Mb "Total Paging file for all drives". This paging space is located on a different drive to the CWLMS software.

If CWLMS "talks" to the Windows OS, surely CWLMS would also have 32765Mb swap space available too?

Is there a way of checking the CWLMS swap availability while running?

Cisco Employee

Re: CWLMS 3.1 swap resource

The method used by the installer to determine available swap is outdated, and cannot handle such large amounts. This is a minor issue, though, since it only causes a warning to be displayed during installation. The processes which make up the LMS applications use the standard OS memory allocation routines which can make use of all available system resources.

To saw CWLMS swap availability doesn't mean anything. LMS is a bundle of applications. Each of those applications is made up of many individual processes. Each process can address up to 2 GB of RAM on a 32-bit operating system. You can use the Windows Process Monitor to view available swap across the entire operating system.

Adding more swap doesn't really help things beyond a certain point. If you already have the minimum required, adding more only makes more sense if you have more physical RAM. And this much really only makes sense if you're on Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, and have PAE enabled. If that is the case, LMS will be able to use physical RAM up to 32 GB, and swap to fit that. Still, though, each individual process will only address up to 2 GB of RAM (and most are configured to use much less).

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Re: CWLMS 3.1 swap resource

Hello jclarke,

During the installation of CWLMS 3.1 we are getting the following error.(see attachments)

we just want to install CWLMS 3.1 on the E partition but unfortunately that can not be possible because we are still getting the error that we don't have enough swapspace.

The paging file can be defined only on the C partition. if we want to define the paging file to other partition (or the D partition) then that can not be possible.

We have 3 partitions:



E:Ciscoworks 3.1

thanks for your information!


Cisco Employee

Re: CWLMS 3.1 swap resource

This isn't an error, but a warning. You should be able to continue the installation without issue. If you do get an error that eventually aborts installation, please post that error.

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