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CWLMS and RME 4.1.1


I am looking to generate the email everytime a config change is detected by Ciscworks. Can

you pls. suggets me some steps how I can enable that. Also, if I wanted Ciscoworks to automatically go and fetch the new config everytime a change is made, can you pls. suggest the configuration required for that.


Cisco Employee

Re: CWLMS and RME 4.1.1

The latter is already done by default if you are sending syslog messages from your devices to the RME server.

The former can be done using the same mechanism as the latter. You just need to configure a new syslog automated action under RME > Tools > Syslog > Automated Actions. Your action should match on the same set of criteria as the existing Config Fetch action. For example, for IOS devices, the two patterns are:



This breaks down to:

Facility : *

Severity : *

Mnemonic : CONFIG_I

Description : *

Facility : *

Severity : *

Mnemonic : CONFIG

Description : *

Do NOT modify the existing Config Fetch action, but rather, create a new one.

Consult the context-sensitive online help when defining the automated action for more information.

New Member

Re: CWLMS and RME 4.1.1

Thanks for the information.

Does it mean that I need to setup Ciscoworks as syslog server on all my devices.

Is there any way I can send the config diffs out without setting it up as syslog though.


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