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data collection and SNMP v3 problem


we're using the following version of Cisco LMS

1. CiscoWorks Common Services 3.0.4 08

2. Campus Manager 4.0.5 13

3. CiscoView 6.1.4 13

4. Device Fault Manager 2.0.5 13

5. Internetwork Performance Monitor 2.6.0 05

6. Integration Utility 1.6.0 05

7. Resource Manager Essentials 4.0.4 08

we've decided to enable snmp v3 on our 2950s and i'm currently testing this on one switch. i've flashed a 2950 to ios c2950-i6k2l2q4-mz.121-22.EA7.bin. SNMP is configured on the 2950 and works fine (snmpwalk from LMS works and device can be discovered using snmp v3). the problem occurs when i run a Campus Data Collection. The Data Collection runs for hours and when i check the ani.log, there are errors like the one below

Unable to fetch STP device instance params from device A.B.C.D for index XX

(where A.B.C.D is the ip of the snmp v3 2950 and XX is one of our numbered vlans).

if i stop the LMS daemon and revert back to snmp v2 on the 2950, data collection works as normal. Can anyone help?



Cisco Employee

Re: data collection and SNMP v3 problem

Sadly, these switches do not support and will never support SNMPv3 in a way that Campus requires. Campus must be able to query switches with SNMP contexts in order to obtain STP instance data as well as MAC address table entries. Since these switches do not support SNMP contexts, this cannot happen, and this Campus will fail when it tries to poll the device. The failure will manifest itself as a timeout which is most likely why you're seeing data collection run for a long time.

If you have XL or 2950 switches in your network, you will not be able to convert to SNMPv3 and use Campus as effectively as with v1/v2c.

Re: data collection and SNMP v3 problem

thanks for the quick reply


Community Member

Re: data collection and SNMP v3 problem

When the September release becomes available is there any plan to 'fix' the 2950 issue along with the other SNMP V3 problems (no user tracking for instance)?

Cisco Employee

Re: data collection and SNMP v3 problem

The issue with 2950s is not a CiscoWorks problem. It is a switch code problem, and will never be fixed for the 2950s.

Community Member

Re: data collection and SNMP v3 problem


Is this true for 3550 switches as well? The switches take the SNMPV3 configuration but it times out with Ciscoworks. C3550-I9Q3L2-M), Version 12.1(12c)EA1

Please advise....



Cisco Employee

Re: data collection and SNMP v3 problem

There is no context support in 12.1 code. In order to get SNMPv3 working with IOS switches in User Tracking (and for STP Campus operations) you must be running recent 12.2 code on your switch. Context-capable code for the 3550 is 12.2(25)SEE or higher.

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