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DCNM Discovery



I'm having issues with DCNM discovering some Nexus 7K's.  Shallow discovery seems fine.  I enter the Nexus and its snmpv3 credentials in

DCNM> Admin>Data Sources>LAN

I enter the device as a single device in a switch list and it finds it as manageable.  I select the device and it goes into Discovering.


Sometimes it completes this part and allows me to go to Deep discovery.  Other times I get snmp timeout messages.  I have had it complete a deep discovery and show up on my topology map only for it to disappear a day later again with snmp timeout errors.  I've confirmed the snmpv3 credentials work with a 3rd party MIB browser which lets me test credentials and all is ok with them.

My first question is


The DCNM server seems to have an incorrect time.  Is this a possible issue ? If so how do I set the time ?  I've looked all over the GUI and can't find any place to set it.  Is it taken from the VM platform or is it set independently ?


Are there any other issues that may cause discovery problems ?


Thanks, Stuart.

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Further troubleshooting has

Further troubleshooting has led me to put a capture on the Nexus to see if that sheds any light on what's going on.  I get the following output from the capture. ->     SNMP Source port: 59596  Destination port: snmp[Malformed Packet]


That's from the DCNM server to the Nexus.



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I have the same issue.

I have the same issue.


Shallow discovery of Nexus 7k VDC randomly goes down with "Discovery timeout"  snmp error.

After rediscovery everything ok for a couple of minutes but then "Discovery timeout" appears again.


Waiting for relevant answer.


Thanks, Daniil.

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