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DCNM Install on N1010 How to license PAK ?

With customer and they are installing DCNM SAN on their 1010 and the PAK file needs a MAC address.  What MAC address do we use and how do we obtain it ?  I'm assuming it's tied to the VSB it's installed into or the 1010 but need to be sure and cannot find that information, please help.




Re: DCNM Install on N1010 How to license PAK ?


The Host-ID needs to come from the Nexus 1000v VSM, not the Nexus 1010 CLI.
If you are yet to configure the Virtual Service Blade - hosts the VSM - you
will need to set that up prior to obtaining the Host ID.
Instructions on how to set this up are available via the following link.
The VSM includes a trial period. You are then able to obtain the Host ID
which will be used to generate your permanent license.


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Re: DCNM Install on N1010 How to license PAK ?

Ok, thanks for responding and I am familiar with the process and all that.  But are you saying that you need the 1000v to obtain the host-id, use that host-id to license the DCNM PAK and then you can delete or remove the 1000v from the 1010 ??   If the customer bought a 1010 for DCNM and not 1000v then having the 1000v as a prerequisite to obtain a host-id doesnt sound right to me.   You install the license file into the VSB via cli script commands which is indendant of the 1000v resident on another VSB so I am trying to understand the correlatoin here or at least a method to their madness.

  For this reason my customer has already dumped the 1010 as a VSB for their DCNM due to no answer on it so they created a VM to host it and licensed it per the new 5.2.2 server based licensing which is a departure from switch based licensing.  Well it wont allow any switches because they dont have switch license files.......TAC says they cannot create nor help them with switch based license files since they abandoned that method for server based for which they have a license already.  Well it doesnt work and TAC cannot figure it out and it's still ongoing......Customer bought the Nexus infrastructure LAN and SAN licenses along with DCNM and 1010's 1000v the whole data center and tac cannot get any licensing method to work with DCNM on 1010 or otherwise.


Re: DCNM Install on N1010 How to license PAK ?

Nexus1010 is a shell that hosts multiple Virtual Switch Modules (VSM) and other service modules (like DCNM, NAM).   This gives the appearance that there is one discreet device that can be managed by a network administrator independent of server administrators. In addition to VSMs, Nexus1010 can host other service modules also.  These are called a Virtual Service Blade (VSB).  The VSB is integrated with Cisco Nexus 1010 appliance.  

A soft link will be available in the /root directory of the VSB called 'License_Install_DCNM'.  This will assist in the installation of your licence file.  Here are detailed instructions.

Regarding the switch licenses, you'd have to purchase licenses to manage each N7K device.  However managing N1K, 2K, 4K and 5K devices is free, however you need to get a no cost license (DCNM-NXACC-100-K9).

Hope this helps.


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