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Delete the removed devices from RME

Hi !

We have a newest LMS. THe RME database contains more devices which are removed from network.

We have not removed them one by one?

Now appr. 120 device are in the RME database which not exist in the network.

How can we remove them in one step ?

Thank in advance !

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Re: Delete the removed devices from RME

If you only want to remove them from RME (leaving them in DCR for other applications to access) go to RME > Devices > Device Management > RME Devices, and select the devices you want to remove. Then click the Delete button.

If you want to remove the devices from DCR (and thus all applications) go to Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management, and remove the devices from there.

From either interface, you can choose multiple devices, and delete them all in one shot.

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Re: Delete the removed devices from RME

Hi Clarke !

Yes i can do this but i would not like to select or choose one by one the devices.It is a slow method for many devices.

I'm finding the method which able to export the unresponsive devices to device selector for example.

Now the RME try to fetch the config from this "dead" devices.

The alert state of these devices are unresponsive now.

The right method for us which able to choose these devices in one step.

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Re: Delete the removed devices from RME

You can do this if you have a report which lists those devices. In that case, you can export the devices in the report to the device selector, then delete the contents of the Saved Device List.

For example, in RME 4.0.5, I can run a Device Credential Error report for all devices which failed SNMP read-only. All of those devices are therefore unreachable. When I view the report, I can click on the Export to Device Selector button at the top, then all matching devices will now appear under the Saved Device List folder under the RME folder.

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Re: Delete the removed devices from RME

Dear Clarke,


This is a right method. Earlier i have used DCA job reports which were not good for me.

Otherwise i have searched these DCA reports in wrong place!!

Why are not available this report from device and credential menu ?!

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Re: Delete the removed devices from RME

These reports were only introduced in RME 4.0.5. They are not available in the Device and Credentials menu because Device Credential reports are a feature of RME, and Device and Credentials is the main DCR interface from Common Services. DCR has no capability of communicating with devices itself, so it must rely on other applications to provide credential verification.

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