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Deleting Device from RME

I have an issue at the moment where a device has been imported so that netconfig templates could be used to configure the box. A temp rule was applied in our firewall to allow access to the device and the template downloaded. The rule has now been retracted and all the devices now show up as offline in our 24 hour daily report.

Q. Is there a way these can be left in the ciscoworks database for management purposes but, removed from RME to stop the constant messages that these devices are offline. My first thought was some sort of filter but as yet i have been unable to find anything that does the trick.

The other problem is that SNMP will not be allowed through the firewall, as you would expect.

Any help would be gratefully received.


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Re: Deleting Device from RME

Besides NetConfig to push out configs, are you using RME for another purpose? I can only assume that you are using RME to backup the configuration. If so, you can change the Transport setup to use SSH which should be OK with your Security team. You can select the Transport order by going to RME->Administration->Configuration Management->General Setup, click on Transport Setup and specify SSH.

In addition, you can disable SNMP polling in the "Change ProbeSetup" tab.

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Re: Deleting Device from RME

You can mark the devices as Suspended in RME. That will prevent RME from performing any management operations on them. However, the devices will still be in the RME database, and they can be re-managed at any time.

It sounds like you have RME 3.5 which includes the availability monitor. If you want to leave the device managed in RME (i.e. not suspended), you can simply remove the device from the polled views, and still use other management tasks. However, if SNMP will not pass to the device, periodic inventory updates will fail, so this may not be an ideal solution.

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