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Deleting Old/Unreachable devies and Hostname Instead of Ip addresses


We have LMS 3.0. We have two problems:-

1) The device discovery report shows some "old" and unreachable devices. These were some of the old remote sites which are no longer in production. Now i want to remove them. I removed them by deleting the entries from the seed device pop up window. But i can still see some entries in the report. How do i delete unwanted entries.

2) In device credentials and campus manager i acn see devices only by their IP addresses. But i want to view them by using host names. For this do i have to manually edit the credentials for all devies (including giving telnet and enable password so that the archive management can happed as well). Is there any other way of soing this.

Thanks in advance.


Cisco Employee

Re: Deleting Old/Unreachable devies and Hostname Instead of Ip a

1. The devices may still be in DCR, so they will need to be deleted from Common Services > Device and Credentials > Device Management. Then when you run a new Discovery, if the devices no longer appear in other devices' CDP caches, they will be gone from the Discovery report.

2. To view devices by their hostname, you have to pick the correct name resolution scheme in Discovery (e.g. resolve by loopback), then make sure the proper IP address is both forward and reverse resolvable. That is, the management IP must resolve to a hostname, and that hostname must resolve back to the same IP. You must also enable Discovey to update DCR.

As for the credentials, LMS offers a feature called default credentials. You can configure these under Common Services > Device and Credentials > Admin > Default Credentials. Then, enable Discovery to use default credentials (check the box). Then, every device which is added to DCR will inherit these credentials, and thus you shouldn't have to configure any other credentials for RME to be able to fetch configs.

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