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Deploying QPM policies through CLI


We are using QPM v4.1 Combined (provisioning + monitoring) and using the IP Telephony wizard to create Voice policies on the network.

Deploying polices directly from QPM showed up that some deployment jobs fail for reasons such as "QPM internal error" and cause unexpected behaviors with half a QOS configuration deployed. For this reason, we prefer now deploying the created policies from the CLI. According to the user guide, we then only have to rediscover the device to be able to monitor it with real-time and historical QOS monitoring.

We are faced with the following problem : frame-relay subinterfaces configured with standard QPM policies are no longer visible when trying to create the monitoring task. This however was possible for the same policy when it was successfully deployed from QPM.

Am I missing a step ? Should I import policies from the device to QPM in order for him to recognize them ?

Thank you for your support.

PS : Here is the related policy :

policy-map QPM_WAN-FR-DLCI-Slow
class QPM_VoIP-by-DSCP-Filter
  priority percent 33
class QPM_VoIP-Control-by-DSCP
  bandwidth percent 2
class class-default

map-class frame-relay QPM_WAN-FR-DLCI-Slow
frame-relay cir 121600
frame-relay bc 1216
frame-relay mincir 121600
frame-relay fragment 160
service-policy output QPM_WAN-FR-DLCI-Slow

interface Serial0/0/0
no ip address
encapsulation frame-relay IETF
frame-relay traffic-shaping
frame-relay lmi-type ansi

interface Serial0/0/0.1 point-to-point
bandwidth 128
ip address 192.168.x.y
frame-relay interface-dlci 16 CISCO
  class QPM_WAN-FR-DLCI-Slow

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