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Device Center not displaying all details of a device

I am running LMS 2.6 (CS 3.0.5) on a Windows 2003 server.

Just recently we started noticing a problem where we added a new device to the database, but the only details displayed in Device Center are the Device IP address and Device Type.

You could only get this if you type the device name in the Enter Device Name/IP address: field. If you tried it in the Device Selector box, it would not appear.

Type it in the Device Slector box in CS Device Management and it appears no problems.

Its like the device is not being synced between the two applications.

Both these are running on the same server.

I restarted the CiscoWorks services and the devices that were not being found/displayed, all appeared ok. That was yesterday. Today we are adding some more devices and the same thing has happened.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Device Center not displaying all details of a device

Is RME performing an inventory collection on this device? If not and it fails, what is the reason?

How many different device types?

Community Member

Re: Device Center not displaying all details of a device

Well, wouldnt you know it. They are now appearing as normal.

I am wondering if my server is busy doing other stuff and it is just taking a real long time to get through to the required processes.

I'll have a look to see what the performance on the server is.

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