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Device Credential Verification Job

I have a device credential verification job which runs one per week.

Every now and again the job hangs and no matter what I do I can't stop the job to delete it. I can see the job in the job list and I can select it and choose STOP, howeverm after that the job stick in a "Stop Initiated" state and never changes. I've tried rebooting the server and this doesn't affect the job state or my inability to delete the job.

I can successfully create another Device Credential Verification Job and these run fine for several weeks.

Two questions.

1. Any idea's what's causing the job to hang

2. How can I delete the jobs that are stuck in a "stop initiating" state


Cisco Employee

Re: Device Credential Verification Job

It may be that you will need to get TAC involved to clean the job out of the database directly.  However, you can try the following first.  Run the "pdshow" command, and check for a daemon named the same as the job ID.  If you see it, run:

pdreg -u JOB_ID

That should unregister the job daemon.  Then see if you can stop and delete the job.

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