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Device Credentials Error Report

I have noticed that we have many devices appearing in the error report under device credential verification.

Devices appear as failed for SSH and SNMPv3. We do not use either at the moment and when I run the check credentials I do not have those options selected.

How can i resolve this? Any suggestions...

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Re: Device Credentials Error Report

Can you look at the cda.log to see if there are any errors in it with regards to these credentials? Where are you running the check from, RME or Device Center?

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Re: Device Credentials Error Report

I think the problem is that at one stage a complete device credential check was run which populated the table with the failed results. These results could be quite stale, and will remain until their state changes through another check.

I think what would be a great feature instead of/in conjunction with the rather inaccurate 'updated at' column would be a option to completely wipe the table and start with a clean slate.

There could be a script you can run to do this wipe, but Ive yet to come across it yet - hopefully someone can help us both :-)

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Re: Device Credentials Error Report

What RME service pack are you running? I am not seeing this issue on my server.

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Re: Device Credentials Error Report

The version of RME is 4.0.4. I am very sure that I have never selected all options to be checked via the device credentials.

I have appended a screen shot that shows many devices failing on SNMP v3 and SSH. Both have not been selected.

I have 5 servers looking at approx 1500 devices each and they all have this problem.

Note only about 50 devices out of 1500 have this problem.

Any other suggestions before I raise a TAC Case?

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