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Device Discovery and Campus Data Collection Not Jiving

OK.. so, we have LMS 2.5.1, upgraded to all the latest version on the modules. I've limited my original Device Discovery to my local campus instead one of the remote ones with an ip range in Device Discovery Settings. With this, I've found 145 devices (switches and ap's) which is what I shoudl have found. However, when I use Campuse Data Collection, I originally came up with 4. Made a change on my local switch at my desk (testsw) and it found 2. Then it found 12, which I was stuck with for the longest until I changed my seed device to our core and it found 13. What the heck? I've verified the snmp RW/RO settings for all devices. We also have this integrated with an ACS in which I've added one client with the range of x.x.x.1-254 for the management IPs, that should be good enough right? What I don't understand is, when I first set LMS up, the first device I added, I did it manually.. that was my testsw, and I was able to view it in Device Center with all the options. Now, when I try it in Device Center it's very limited and can't tell me what type of switch it is. However, if I pull up one of the 13 switches Campus Data Collection found in Device Center, it gives me all the options. I'm not sure what's gone wrong.

BTW, where do you tell LMS what default app to use to launch the telnet sessions in Device Center? Right now it just gives me an error.

All help is appreciated.


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Re: Device Discovery and Campus Data Collection Not Jiving

Since you are integrated with ACS, you should check the Devices Not in ACS report under Common Services > Device and Credentials > Reports. If the devices are not listed in that report, then check your Data Collection filters under Campus Manager > Administration > Campus Data Collection > Data Collection Filters and make sure you are not filtering out the devices. Also, while Discovery picked up 145 devices, only reachable devices will be sent to DCR. Check the CS@server section of the device selector, and make sure all of the devices are first showing up there.

As for the telnet from Device Center, the URL used is telnet://x.x.x.x. This means that it is the browser's job to launch whatever telnet application you have configured on your client. Consult your browser documentation on how to setup a handler for telnet:// URLs.

Re: Device Discovery and Campus Data Collection Not Jiving

regarding telnet, here is where you can change the settings for a browser on windows (as Joe said you have to do it on each client on which you want to change this -as it is a client site application):

Moziall an IE are using this registry setting.

open the registry and go to:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, Telnet > Shell > Open > Command

Change the value of this key to:

rundll32.exe url.dll,TelnetProtocolHandler %l

Internet Explorer will now use the normal Windows command window to launch telnet.

or you change it to the path to executable of your favorite telnet app like:

"C:\Programme\TeraTerm\ttermpro.exe" %1



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