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Device Discovery LMS 2.6

Hi all

I have used campus manager to discovery my devices using my Core 6500 switches as seeds. when i ran a report it says 122 devices discovered, BUT only the 2 core Switches are reachable. So i dont have any devices in the DCR other than the 2 cores. How did they get discovered if they are not reachable ?

My next qn is, will the discoved devices be automatically be put in RME and other LMS applications ? of do i have to do it manually ?

Any help will be appreciated




Re: Device Discovery LMS 2.6

The other devices are discovered through CDP/ILMI (according to an old FAQ) and maybe ELMI (according to what I read on this forum).

Since DCR is supposed to be the base repository for all other LMS components, only those successfully made into the DCR will be sync'ed to RME.

Personally, I think it's kind of a waste of time to enable Device Discovery in LMS 2.6 while it lacks the Default Credentials feature of LMS 3.x.

New Member

Re: Device Discovery LMS 2.6

Thanks Zhang

I though maybe its an snmp config issue, so i decided to discover one of the devices that is flagged as unreachable in Campus manager, i manually added it in DCR and its being discovered fun. The only diff between this is that with DCR i have to configure the RW comunity,I cant manually add all the devices like this , surely there must be another way, any ideas ?

Thanks in Advance



Re: Device Discovery LMS 2.6

Unfortunately, LMS 2.6 only populates the RO community for discovered devices, leaving the others blank. The aforemnetioned Default Credentials feature of LMS 3.x (a paid upgrade) will probably do what you want, though I don't know how adaptive it is if your environment has different community strings for different devices.

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