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Device Discovery

I have cleared ANI base and now i can't add device with Data Collection.

DataCollection does not see any device but DeviceDiscovery see them all.

Device Management ACS report:


There may be a possible ACS configuration mismatch.

Verify AAA mode settings. See Online Help for more details.

!!And i see all my devices in this report!!

All devices are registered in ACS but hostname and name of devices in ACS and AutoDiscovery are differ. Must the hostname be same in ACS and device discovery? Why the DataCollection does not see devices?

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Re: Device Discovery

I had two questions for your statement.

1) For the First time have you selected Bulk Import option for adding the devices from the ACS ?

2) An Secondly after clearing the ANI base, you have again discovered the devices automatically.

This will create the problem for Data collection.

You need to obtain the same name for the Data collection to happen. Try to retain the names from the ACS .

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Re: Device Discovery

1. All devices have been added manually. This is on the customer site and i dont know how they have added the devices!

2. Yes search has been made automatically!

Try to retain the names from the ACS . You mean that i must manualy add all devices or there is some solution to automaticaly import devices from ACS?


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Re: Device Discovery

Do you have all these manually added devices present in the ACS server. If yes then you can import all these devices from the ACS through the Bulk Import option present in through Common Services --> Device and Creditinals.

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Re: Device Discovery


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