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Device Fault Manager device list is different

I have three issues:

1. I am showing a different list in Device Fault Manager than in DCR.

The DCR list was created by entering everything in manually.

In DCR I used the Loopback Interfaces as the TACACS interface and the IP Address of the devices.

Also all of the Device Names have been redone by location in TACACS and in DCR.

But, in Device Fault Manager there are some devices that are in the list by an IP Address (not loopback) and some devices in by name.

Is this because of the DFM discovery?

2. Also, in Campus manager, I am seeing something similar (I can open a new thread if you want), but I am seeing a few devices that are not in the same format as the DCR.

The collections look ok ( I was able to get the missing items in the list by editing the collection filter per your suggestion), but I am still seeing the switches in the list by an IP Address not configured anywhere.

Like remnants of past problems maybe?

I deleted one of the switches from DCR and it still shows up ing the Campus manager with the IP Address as the device name (should be hostname per DCR)

3. I have 4 devices that are chronically out of sync, two are showing start configs from May, two are showing start configs just s few seconds out of sync. I cant seem to get them to sync up.

I can open new threads for these if you want,


Cisco Employee

Re: Device Fault Manager device list is different

This should really be three separate threads as they deal with three distinct problems in three different applications. Since the subject deals with DFM, I'll address the DFM issue here.

I've talked about the way DFM resolves names before on the forum. DFM is the only application in LMS that does not respect the DCR display name field. See for some things to try to get hostnames to show up in DFM (if that's what you want).

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