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device in database but doesn't show up


We've a team that add several devices in Common Service (LMS2.5)

Now when i look for a device in RME->All devices, it doesn't show the entered device.

When i add it again in DeviceManagement is says that the name is already in use.

But it doesn't show up in all of LMS2.5

When i do an export to CVS, the device shows up, so it's somewhere in the database.

What can i do? Is there a repair tool or something ?


Jeroen Wolff


Re: device in database but doesn't show up

Hi Jeroen,

are you able to see the devices in "Common Services -> Devices and Credentials -> Device Management" ?

From there browse to your devices or tick all checkboxes and click the tab "Selection".

Or try to access the devices via Cisco View.

If you can see them there you might have not the appropiate credentials to see the devices in RME.




Re: device in database but doesn't show up

Do you have LMS 2.5 integrated with ACS?

New Member

Re: device in database but doesn't show up

What do you mean with ACS? How can i check that?

New Member

Re: device in database but doesn't show up

I have this EXACT same issue. I have 2 2600 series routers and it's like they are ghosts. You can't add them ass it' says theya re already there. You can't delte them or change them as they don't show up as being there. They are in permanant limbo. I have a TAC case open but my engineeer has blown me off for 2 days now so I don't think it's a good sign.

I have gone as far as running the resoreorigdb perlscript and reset the cmf and rme databses back to empty, But tstill have the same problem.

On one not ethough, I have found this problem only happens when you have incorrect device credentials or don't have reverse DNS for the hostname properly set up.

What makes it weirder is it shows up in RME inventory jobs as a failed evice, but not CMF device repository.

So far my overall impression of LMS 2.5 is don't isntall it if you don't have to yet.It is CHOCK FULL O BUGS.

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