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Device Mgmt problem in RME

I'm running LMS 2.5 with SP4 (only CS & RME) on a W2003 server.

If I import devices from a CSV file everything seems normal, except that under RME > Devices > Device Mgmt. The initial list looks ok as in the attachment "dev_mgmt.jpg". In this example I have 2 devices in the predeployed state.

The problem is that if I click this list to view which devices are in this state I get an empty list as in the attachment "predeployed.jpg". Why?

What I expect to see is a list with the names of the devices in this state.

I have seen this on several servers, and this occur not only to the list of predeployed devices but also devices with other status.

On another server I have 16 devices in "Normal" state. Clicking on this I get a window from where I should be able to select the devices as in attachment "normal.jpg". As you can see, even if I select both CS & RME I get a device count of 0.

Can you please help me out here?



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Re: Device Mgmt problem in RME

This usually occurs when you are using ACS with LMS. If CiscoWorks is integrated with ACS, devices in DCR cannot be managed until they are added into ACS. However, if the devices are added to DCR with only a hostname or display name, there is no easy way to import those devices into ACS.

There are two workarounds to this issue:

(1) Go to Common Services > Device and Credentials > Reports and run a Devices That

Are Not Configured In ACS report. Then go to ACS and add these devices as they appear on the report. You can then administrate them as needed, including resolving/deleting them.


(2) Reset the login module from ACS to non-ACS.

At server command line, cd to \CSCOpx\bin, then enter:


Stop and start the CW daemon manager, which usually takes a good 30 minutes to complete.

Once CiscoWorks restarts, log in with a local account (such as admin/admin) and you will be able to see the alias and pre-deployed devices. You can then either resolve/delete them or add them to ACS.

After that, go to Common Services > Server > Security > AAA Mode Setup and change

from Non-ACS to ACS mode.


Once the AAA mode has been changed back to ACS mode, you will have to restart the CW

daemon manager again, but you should be prompted to do so by the GUI.

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Re: Device Mgmt problem in RME


You are right, the problem was the integration with ACS. All the devices was already loaded on the ACS server, but when installing RME SP4 something had not been updated on the ACS server. I had to change the login module back to CW local, reinstall SP4 and then switch to ACS mode again. I also had to register the applications onteh ACS server again, if I did not do this it was still not working.

Of course this deleted the custom roles I had created, but that was the only way I could make it work.

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